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MacGregor Physiotherapy Clinic provides customized, quality assessment and treatment of physical injuries and conditions to all clients while focusing on individualized attention in order to build strong rapport and an excellent client experience. We contribute to improving the overall health of our clients through treatment and therapeutic exercise with emphasis on education & prevention to reduce potential recurrence.


  • Focus on the client and all else will follow

At MacGregor Physiotherapy we focus on the client to insure the best possible client experience is had. Not only are we concentrating our efforts on measurable positive outcomes, we put an emphasis on the client feeling cared for in the process.


  • Prevention is better

We strive to help our clients recover mobility and function and decrease pain with hands-on treatments and therapeutic exercise. However, the knowledge to be able to self- manage and maintain physical health after your physiotherapy treatment is the main goal.


  • Exercise and education empower everyone

Your treatment will include education pertinent to your condition as well as improving body awareness and a maintenance

program on discharge to make sure you stay on the right track. When you know the ‘Why’ as well as the ‘How’ it is much more likely you will engage in your healing and rehabilitation program and therefore have better results.


  • Treat the cause,  not the symptoms

Through detailed assessment including subjective history and a comprehensive clinical examination, the therapist will strive to pinpoint the cause of the symptoms of complaint and address the cause with a customized treatment plan. This will insure that the results obtained through physiotherapy treatment will be lasting.


  • Model and promote fitness and health for life

At MacGregor Physiotherapy we talk the talk AND we walk the walk. We believe in being active in our community promoting health and physical activity while engaging and inspiring others to do the same.


  • Communication is essential

Open lines of communication between client and therapist are extremely important for a successful outcome. We also insure that any necessary lines of communication between other medical professionals or primary care providers or funders are fostered and maintained as it is also a very important factor in optimal recovery for the client.


  • Privacy is imperative

Client privacy is essential and will be maintained at all times. Any communication with involved medical practitioners, insurance companies or other funders will be done with permission from the client.


  • Action creates change

Physiotherapy is an active therapy involving exercise. The best outcomes are obtained when the client engages and is actively involved in their own rehabilitation.


  • Learning is living

At MacGregor Physiotherapy clinic we believe education is as imperative for the therapists as it is for the patients. Information is continually evolving which is why we have a commitment to consistent continuing education so that we can offer the best quality of care.


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